Have you struggled to find a training plan that you stick to?

Are you tired of wasting hours at the gym and seeing no results?

Do you struggle to motivate yourself and hold yourself accountable?

Finding an enjoyable and sustainable plan is key to maintaining long-lasting results. We understand the challenges you may face whilst balancing work, home and family life.

How we understand

Im Lee and im the founder of Superstar Studios.

I am Lee and I'm the founder of Superstar Studios.
I hear a lot from my clients always saying, 'it's easy for you'. But trust me, it wasn't! At 20 years of age, I was 43% body fat, touching on 19st bodyweight and I felt disgusting. Night shift working, living on takeaways, microwave meals and red bull, my weight ballooned by 4 stone in 12 months!

I stood in front of my bedroom mirror one evening, after stuffing my face yet again, and it just hit me. I really thought to myself what have I done to myself?! I had always been into sport growing up and at 18 years old, I was playing rugby in New Zealand! I had lost control very quickly and I knew it was time to change, I NEEDED to change!

The next morning I looked for help and support to change my ways, but I realised I was too embarrassed and scared to seek a Personal Trainer, so instead I joined a local gym and decided to go at the quieter times.

After a quick 10-minute induction of the treadmill and cross trainer, I was left to it. Fast forward 3 months, I had lost 4lbs, but I was so bored with walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes and too scared of looking stupid trying something new, so I quit.

Shortly after, I joined a small boxing studio. A group of 4, with one trainer. Through HIIT and circuit style training, I managed 3 stone weight loss in just 5 months. I loved how I looked, but even more so, I loved how I felt! Energetic and confident, I could finally wear the clothes that I wanted too.

I fell in love with health and fitness and started on my career and my mission to help people change their lives as I had mine! I realised that many people out there were also stuck in the same miserable cycle that I was.

Fast forward 10 years, I am now a fitness business owner and a Firefighter in London. I love both my jobs, and if I had not started my fitness journey, I would not have either of them! Fitness really does change your life.

I have been there, I have done it, as have half of my team.  We have been in your position before and realised we had to make that change.

We will not give you a membership card and leave you to roam the gym wondering what to do next. We will guide you, support you, inspire and motivate you to achieve anything that you aspire to.
If you are serious about change, if you want it, apply for your free coaching call now.

Those who wait, never start!

Enjoy success with Superstar

A clear path to success, simple and easy to follow

  • Challenging but fun and varied training sessions
  • Progressive training TAILORED to your abilities
  • A supportive community; we have got your back!
  • Provide accountability
  • FREE Unlimited motivation

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Superstar results

Ryan Radford - 33
Small Business Owner

I’m Fitter, More Confident, I No Longer Suffer From Anxiety

"If you want the BEST results in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, then look no further! 

I joined Superstar last October and in the past year, I have completely transformed my life! I joined Superstar primarily for weight loss but what I didn’t realise is that it would affect nearly every aspect of my life. 

I’m now fitter, more confident, I no longer suffer from anxiety, I am a better Dad (because I can now keep up with the kids and have more energy), I also play team sports, something which I thought I would never be able to do again! But most of all I am four stone lighter!

Before Superstar I was stuck in a rut, thinking that buying any old gym membership at a run-of-the-mill outlet every new year would ‘fix’ me... but it didn’t and wouldn't, because I just never used it! Working out in a cold gym with no one around is mentally tiring and isn’t a long-term prospect that anyone truly enjoys! 

At Superstar programming is done for you by some of the best coaches in our area. You turn up and get told exactly what you need to do, to become a better you. No fighting for equipment at peak times as numbers are fixed. Every penny is worth it for the advice and support given through the classes. Even if you want open gym time, it’s there as a resource as well. 

Nutrition packs are available to support your fitness at home too with the correct diet plan. The Superstar team really has an all in one package that will help anyone succeed with their goals. 

I am 33 years old and honestly, I am in the best shape I have been in since I was 18.

I really cannot thank everyone enough at Superstar!"

Ian Jones - 32
Sports Massage Therapist


"3 and a half years ago I went to see Lee at Superstar, who is the person that led me to change my life. This may sound cliché, but it really is the truth.

I was overweight, unhealthy and realised I really needed to make a change. I found Lee via an online advert and have never looked back. He changed my health, my diet, my fitness and now even my career.

Since starting, I have accomplished things that I never thought were possible. Having the energy to play and run around with my nieces and nephews to running two full marathons. I have now lost 6 stone and am still on my fitness journey now.

Within only 3 months of training with Lee, he made me realise that I wanted health and fitness to be a permanent lifestyle change. He inspired me and I wanted to help change people's lives for the better, just like he did for me, so I became a PT.

After qualifying, Lee provided me with an opportunity at Superstar to put my knowledge to practice and I developed myself as a PT.

I went on to study my Foundation Degree in Sports Science (which is Level 4 & 5) covering Psychology, Coaching, Nutrition, Business and Research. During the second year, I also went on to study Level 3 Sports Massage and added an additional service to the Superstar team.

I am now off to University to start my degree in Applied Sports and Exercise Science, with a view to progress to a Masters in Sports Therapy.

All these decisions were made because of the inspiration Lee was for me and he continues to change people's lives today. My life would have not made the turn it did if I didn't have the support of Lee and the Superstar team and I will forever be grateful for that.

Thank you Superstar!"

Kylie Moore - 31


"Today marks 6 weeks of being a member at Superstar and I can’t recommend the gym enough!

Prior to joining, I had memberships at a few local gyms, but I never experienced the satisfaction (or pain!) that I do at Superstar. ALL the staff and other members have made me feel so welcome, supported and I have never been so motivated to book session after session at the gym. As soon as I leave, the first thing I do is book the next one.

If you are anything like me and find yourself worrying about stepping foot in a new gym, you cannot go alone or worry about being the most unfit and unknowledgeable, then just press book. You will not look back! Thank you Superstar, you are the BEST!"

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